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• Is your roof over 25 years old?

• Has your roof got moss & lichen growth?

• Is your roof in need of repair?

• Has your roof got porous tiles?


If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then your property could benefit from the roof tile renovation process.


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The Process

Your roof is pressure washed to remove all moss, lichen & dirt and is treated with a fungicidal wash. An inspection is then carried out to find any problem areas that need repaired or damaged tiles replaced. We then point ridges where needed to ensure your roof is 100% sound & secure.
Application of the coating is carried out by airless spray equipment with cutting in and around gutterlines & dormas. After a second coat, cleanup and visual inspections are carried out.

Standard tile colours available: Rustic red, gunmetal grey, marley Brown, terracotta and blue slate gray.


Colours we use at Howards uPVC Fitters.


You can Hover over and switch colours to see our roof in Dark Green, Rustic, Brown, Terracotta and Grey roof renovations

Brown Grey Rustic Terracotta


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